To cap off another Father-Son adventure weekend, we went kayaking on Green lake. Managed to get some of my favorite pair pictures in recent attempts.

Unfortunately, the weekend really capped off poorly. Hypothesis: Croup. Had been developing over the last few days, accelerated dramatically in the late evening.

First real hike

While the mothers of A and Elliott are on a staycation retreat in downtown Seattle, their children went on a Cascade mountain adventure.

In the picture, the pair both chatted about the unconventional path following of Corvis the dog.

In the video, we see what the walking experience (and speed) of a toddler can be. You can hear him call out for A, as he remains motivated to keep up. Cut off from the end of the video was the hikers behind us exclaiming "Oh my gosh, he is in diapers! Wow! Get 'em started young"


A love of small spaces

Elliott, dressed only in a diaper as he finishes his night routines, extracts a lunchbox sized insulated bag from the closet. He walks it over, and quietly, clearly says, "I hope it still fits." He sets the bag onto the futon in the middle of his room. He opens the bag, pushing over the top. Then slowly, one foot goes inside the bag. The next foot goes in, filling the rest of the volume of the bag. Elliott lowers himself into a squat over the insulated bag, and quietly declares, "There. It does still fit. Good."

Elliott likes to talk to himself

It seems to occur in the afternoon, especially when he is outside with toys.  The topics seem to
rotate around things he sees on TV.  Highlights :going to China, Superdog to the Rescue!,  It's a beautiful
day (in the Neighborhood)....