A Sunny Spring Day in Ballard

And like any good Ballard residents, we headed to Golden Gardens for the view

And the outdoor activities, mostly walking on and throwing rocks

Video of throwing rocks (for the dedicated fan... turn off your speakers, the wind was a bit much)

His technique needs work, but his strength and distance seem pretty good for a 25 month old.

Birthday Party

Two weeks ago, Elliott (and this blog)turned two!

To celebrate on his big day, we went to a preschool interview. We brought cupcakes based on FatCyclist's best cake in the world. After, we went to a brick-oven pizza place (Elliott loves watching fire, and cooking, so...). Here he is eating the gelato he was served with a candle:

And smiling (too hard) for the camera


The following Saturday, he hosted a birthday celebration at Little Gym for 10 of his little friends.

And they sang to him while he blew out a "2" candle on a Cupcake Royale mini cupcake.

(Bonus video: Elliott eats a cupcake alone while everyone else springs into action)

Another happy generation

Today was a good morning for Ely the Elephant. After being showered in attention, Elliott pulled him up onto the chair, picked out a book, climbed up himself, and read to Ely.

Another happy generation with a favorite handmade stuffed Elephant. Thanks (Great) Aunt Ginny and (Great) Uncle Mark!

A weekend of fun

One of the joys of his advanced age is the increased ability to improvise on last-minute excursions. As a result, Elliott enjoyed his first afternoon of Snowtubing -- kid needs to get his snow in somehow -- and a trip to the Aquarium with dear friend Alex. Quite a weekend!