Baby and Dog

Our dog Corvis and our baby have been living in harmony so far. The baby is oblivious, and the dog knows to stay away. He will come over if the baby starts making funny sounds -- I think the baby squeaks into the canine-only registers -- but appears relieved to see one of the humans handle it. He scurries off then. We grow more confident that the two will make a good team, but will never leave the two alone. Will be interesting to see how Corvis' herding and protection behaviors manifest when the baby becomes self-mobile.

Elliott and the Blueberry cap

Today Elliott had his first visitors. Laura Brickner, our extremely talented Seattle Doula, came to meet him. We will write more about Laura in the near future. The first of his many 'not legally' uncles and aunts, the Langes, also stopped by. Unfortunately, he was still on a high from his Doula's visit - we were unable to capture a picture. 

Before we remedy that, please enjoy this sequence. This lovely hand-knit Blueberry cap is an extraordinary gift by a patient of Elliott's Nana.

Nana (grandmother) holds Elliott

Dan's mother took a month off her busy Vermont life to be with her first grandchild.  We try to make up the time, that his delayed arrival denied her, with quality.  This morning we gave her a sleepy grandson on a bright Seattle morning.  Her hair, and the couch, are red.  Given its fine nature, we are not in agreement about whether his hair is too.

Nana holds Elliott (baby close-up)
He's ready for his close-up in his excellent plane onesie


Elliott arrived home from the hospital about 5 hours ago, and promptly went to sleep with Dad.  Here he is in his co-sleeper device.  Do you think they are related?