Rough night!

Elliott would not go to sleep tonight.... Once asleep he kept waking up.... One guatenteed way to keep him asleep is dan's chest as a bed. How cute is my baby?????

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Captured the tail end!

Elliott has been grinning for several days now, but getting it on the
camera is hard to do! The minute I bring out
the camera, flipvideo, or my phone, he becomes distracted...

With a stealth angle, I managed to get the end of a smile!

Dressing Elliott for the outside world

This sequence adequately illustrates the occasional challenges of an alert Elliott preparing for a night on the town.  Note the blurry portions, and contrast with Tessa's observation while I was taking the pictures: "Why are they blurry, he's not moving very much".  This, folks, is called conditioning.  Or a really slow shutter speed.

Working from home

To all the people at work getting email and data from me today - this is for you.  Elliott has finally resigned himself to Dad's workaholic tendencies in the most comfortable and adorable way he knows how.

A baby? A rolly-polly chubby cheeked ...

Now that Elliott's cheeks are starting to chubby out, I can finally share one of the more influential quotes of his pregnancy.  From the (excellent) Showtime show Dexter, an explicit conversation in which Dexter, serial killer and lab tech, tells his sister Deb, homicide detective, that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Parental discretion is advised

While not usually described that way... it is so true.

My Sister meets Elliott

On the continuing wave of visitors travelling great distances to meet Mr. Elliott, another guest made a transcontinental flight.  My sister, Diana, took an informal leave from her last year of law school to meet her first nephew.  He likes her.  She, like the rest of us, have no choice but to love him.

There will be more pictures as the weekend progresses.

Cool under pressure

This is a follow-up from the Baer visit on Sunday.  Peter reflects the entire savvy of a father who has recently made it through the first few months of fatherhood.  Look at Elliott, preparing to scream.  Look at Peter, calm and collected.  He just continues the rocking motion necessary for Elliott to just give in and give up.  I hope to look that put together some day soon.

The Hard Fought Nap

This morning, Elliott illustrated that familiar proverb, be careful what you wish for -- you might get it.  He slept well yesterday; at least seven hours, spread throughout the day, on me.  We became nervous as to what the night would look like, and wished for a good night of sleep for him.  A night of sleep, apparently, ends around 6am.  He was up to full speed (by which I mean volume) until 10am, pausing only to take the dog for a walk.
Wrestling with a crying baby at 3am is hard.  Harder than 7am, certainly.  That does not mean that 7am is easy, especially as the task fell on me: he had fed through the night but I had been allowed to sleep through half of it.
This is what victory looks like, when Momma finally won against our tiny tyrant.