Processing travel pictures

Elliott spent the last two weeks on the road, flying thousands of miles and visiting at least five new states.  Many pictures were taken... those are coming.  Until then, please check out this little video we took at dinner.  This is, and I am being serious, what his mood has been like for most of the past two weeks.  Sure, he has jet lag and has decided to stop sleeping regularly... but this is not a bad substitute for sleep!

Let the teething begin!

Elliott has definately started to teeth- he's only intermittently cranky though. He seems to find Dan funny in the am and I get chuckles in the pm. Don't you want to bite those cheeks??!

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My Aunt Rocks

Dan's sister Diana hit a major life achievement today.  We were unable to be there, as we did not know if Elliott would be travel ready.  No one told him he might be cause.  All we can offer is this comic triptych and an invitation of a paid trip out to Seattle.

And a warm hug from all of us in the Heller-Vogel family, when we get to Vermont in two weeks.  Congratulations, Diana, we are all very proud of you.

Beautiful Day at Seward Park!

We went to Seward Park to take a nice long walk with our new stroller
(and the dog) and unfortunately, Elliott was a crank-pot for the
majority of the time. Just as we were about to leave he fell


A newborn reminds you that the best things in life are acquired, not with earning power or savings or luck, but by living well.