Three recent videos of Elliott in his diaper

For the dedicated Elliott fan, here are three videos we've captured on our smartphones and replayed frequently. With editing skills, they'd be much shorter but just as sweet and cute. With editing skills, too, we'd add a bonus "studio audience" laugh track of where Elliott laughs while watching them (it's not where you might)

Pop-up Starbucks

In home pop up Starbucks from Dan Vogel on Vimeo.


Dancing and singing along with a saxophone

j i n g l e bell from Dan Vogel on Vimeo.

We presented Elliott with the new Laurie Berkner Christmas Album today. By the afternoon, he was dancing and singing along.

Elliott as a Mommy Angry Bird

Elliott is Mother Angry Bird from Dan Vogel on Vimeo.

Well then....

Elliott was playing and he kicked me (not hard) in the stomach.  I told him he had to be careful to not kick or hurt the baby.  He paused, and said "Once the baby is out,  then I can kick you?"

Elliott the Street Musician

This morning, Elliott came down stairs with a bucket, looking for his "guitar". "Daddy, I play guitar and you put this money in my guitar case, okay?". As the game went on (for 15+ minutes) his music playing got more specific. The currency of choice was post-it notes, which were returned after deposit with the request to "do it again". I had to capture some of it...


Elliott the Street Musician from Dan Vogel on Vimeo.

Elliott, age 2.5, singing for "money"



The behavior is probably a result of his frequent farmers market visits. He often stops to listen to music and I often give him money to drop in their buckets or cases.

But also, I like to think, this performance results from taking him to his first concert two weeks ago

(no bucket involved)